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A Brand New Daniel

Daniel, the son of Blanca Guadalupe and Epemenio Barragan, was a quiet, shy 4-year old. When he first came to PRAB’s St. Ladislaus Early Childhood Center (ECC) he didn’t speak or socially interact with his classmates. With a very limited vocabulary, it was difficult for Daniel to respond to his teachers. These issues could have a negative impact on his future growth and development. However, his teachers Ms. Terry & Ms. Maria saw his innate desire to learn and curiosity.

Daniel was part of the New Brunswick Board of Education’s Preschool Intervention and Referral Team (PIRT) program. This group supports teachers by giving them specific classroom strategies to aid in a child’s academic development. A calm, nurturing classroom environment was developed. His teachers worked one-on-one to build his confidence, language, and social skills. In addition, the PIRT team, which consists of the parents, teacher, director, PIRT member, and family worker, met three times during the school year to discuss how classroom strategies have helped Daniel. Home learning strategies were also developed. The family read books together. They did coloring book exercises together. Although Epemenio works the weekday late shift and overtime on Saturdays, he would play soccer with Daniel as soon as he’d come home. In addition, the family enrolled him in karate lessons at a New Brunswick martial arts school.

Daniel’s success stems from his family’s commitment to education and PRAB’s commitment to Early Childhood Development.

Steadily over time, Daniel’s confidence grew. He started to initiate conversations with his parents and ask questions. At school, his teachers saw his vocabulary improve and he was much more comfortable interacting with children his own age. The transformation was significant. Now 7 years old, Daniel recently earned all A’s in school! He loves social studies and the language arts. He also has a strong desire to improve his mathematics skills, even though it is currently a challenge for him.

Daniel’s success stems from his family’s commitment to education and PRAB’s commitment to Early Childhood Development. The Barragan Guadalupe family has enrolled all three of their children at St. Ladislaus. Blanca actively tells her neighbors and friends about PRAB’s Early Childhood programs. Knowing how Daniel’s life was changed, she desires to see all the children in her community have the same opportunity. They understand the value of community resources such as St. Ladislaus. It has inspired them to become more involved in other community initiatives. The family’s relationship with PRAB exposed them to PRAB’s Safe Neighborhood program and now they actively participate in those meetings as well.

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