PRAB Feeds Over 700 Families at Food Distribution Event

By: Alexa Chavarria  

Early morning on Saturday October 17 the PRAB team and members of the Lions Clubs of Somerset, Princeton and Livingston prepared for a massive order of fresh produce delivered by an 18-wheel tractor trailer.  

The Lions Club picked PRAB as the site for distribution to support the New Brunswick community by supplying over 1,000 boxes filled with fresh produce, dairy and proteinAmong the many organizations in central New Jersey PRAB felt extremely fortunate to have received the donations of fresh produce to serve their community members 

It was the first major event at PRAB since the Covid-19 pandemic PRAB’s Director of Human Resources, Ardaman Singh, planned the event and gathered staff, family and friends to help distribute the packages to the community.  

Before the flood of cars arrived PRAB provided fresh coffee, bagels, granola bars and water to fuel the volunteers for the much-needed energy to serve the community members who attended the event.  

As if the 18-wheeler truck wasn’t enough, a second cargo van arrived filled with boxes of fresh produce. Unloading and preparing to open the gates of the PRAB parking lot brought excitement to all the volunteers. 

Thanks to the generous donation made by the Lions Clubs, PRAB was able to distribute nearly 1,100 packages to over 700 families in the New Brunswick area. Following CDC guidelinesPRAB and the Lions Clubs held an outdoor drive-thru to safely practice social distancing and maintain a healthy environment.  

From 9:30am through 12:30pm cars lined up to receive their donations of fresh produce and dairy. People formed lines on foot and approached PRABs parking lot with their personal shopping carts.  

It was an active day of unloading, controlling traffic, delivering the packages to every car’s trunk and non-stop thank you’sAs the final car approached and took the last box the parking lot was filled with happiness and cheers from the satisfaction of helping the community during these unprecedented times.  

PRAB looks forward to serving their community members through future activities or events that will be announced through social media and the website. 


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