Family Leadership Academy Impacts 15 Families by Introducing 6 Success Components

By Alexa Chavarria

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic the Family Leadership Academy at PRAB continues to strive to help teach families how to grow both personally and financially. With many unprecedented events occurring simultaneously FLA has managed to make an impact on 15 families in recent months.

FLA is a collaborative partnership that enhances family’s human, social and financial capacity by engaging in a 12-month program. The program focuses on six key components that are designed to implement a stronger foundation for participating families.

The six key components include planning & goal setting, individual coaching, finances, parent-child interaction, wellness and peer to peer mentoring support. In following this formula created by the FLA, families will successfully change their lives and better the future of their children.

As the virtual world quickly advances so does FLA, offering all programs online.

The FLA is also operating bi-weekly workshops on Google Classroom and are hosting private Facebook group for Alumni with 34 members. The FLA is now offering laptops to participants enrolled in order for them to have access to online workshops.

The goals for the workshops are to interact with the families, to increase parent-child enhanced learning, to emphasize on advocating child education, understanding the school system and to ultimately create a plan for the parents to follow after FLA graduation.

As the end of 2020 approaches FLA welcomes all year-round enrollments. It’s never too late to make changes and in today’s unpredictable world FLA is ready to guide and bring families closer together.


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