First Thanksgiving During the Covid-19 Pandemic

First Thanksgiving During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Thanksgiving 2020 was far from ordinary. As pandemic cases continue to rise in the United States, the holiday was set to be very limited. This did not break the spirit of residents in the Middlesex county area. Every year the Ifeatu Ifediche organization, a group of women who donate and assist charities and organizations in central and south Jersey, picked PRAB to donate to this year. Nominated by Allen Rabert one of PRAB’s Housing Counselor, the organization donated $500 to PRAB’s food pantry. With the donation the food pantry was able to stock and purchase 10 turkeys to distribute to 10 families in the New Brunswick area.

If that wasn’t enough, PRAB’s Harmony Family Success Center also received a donation from an anonymous donor who donated meals for us to distribute to several families. Our own Johana Crespo, the site director of the Harmony Family Success Center, distributed bags of food to selected families before Thanksgiving.

“To me it has been an honor to be part of this process with the anonymous donor and many other events and initiatives we are developing at Harmony and at PRAB in general.” Said Crespo. “To be able to bring this help and relief to families has been great, but it has been a team effort from Harmony to identify the family and gather the information needed.”

One of the families that received a food donation was a large family of 7, and they were extremely happy and pleased to have been one of the families to receive the donation. Donating is a powerful way of helping us equip others and an unforgettable experience for those who are impacted. Johanna Crespo shared her feelings about being a part of events like this.

“To say that when you are part of something like this the feeling is priceless is an understatement.”


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