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Youth Development and Mentoring Program (YDMP)

Youth Development and Mentoring Program (YDMP)

New Brunswick youth, ages 14-18, are at a critical age as they are learning to navigate their life, their community and this world. The Youth Develpment & Mentoring Program (YDMP) provides a space for youth to increase their knowledge and develop healthy mentoring relationships.

Youth self-reflect and learn to appreciate themselves and others. They discuss their achievements and challenges in a safe and welcoming environment. They learn about higher education opportunities and how to take advantage of them. They also learn about job application process and develop interviewing skills.

Mentors serve as positive role models for the youth and help them guide and navigate through conflict resolution, develop communication and life. They also work with the youth to create and achieve life goals and to help set them up for success even beyond the high school years. Also, the parents of the youth participate and learn to increase their involvement in their children’s lives.

Some services provided by YDMP include:

  • Youth group meetings: 26 youth intervention sessions that increase their knowledge of and reduce risky behavior
  • Mentoring: Mentors over 19 years of age meet with them for a minimum of six months for at least 4 hours each week and act as positive role models
  • Parent Group: Workshops that enhance their parenting and communication skills
  • Transportation and healthy meals
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