Programs & Services

Harmony Family Success Center (HFSC)

Harmony Family Success Center (HFSC)

Middlesex County families improve their life skills in several core areas: health, parent education/family interaction, employment, housing, advocacy, and resource building. They also increase their social networks and capacity through the long-lasting connections they can make with other parents, children, and families. In the process, families become more aware and self-reliant.

HFSC and participating families work with other community organizations, individuals, and key stakeholders. Parents, community residents, and individuals engage in activities in which they learn the importance of communication and improve their communication skills. In the process, they maintain a sustainable presence and secure buy-in from community residents. They also strengthen existing partnerships and develop new partnerships each year.

Some services provided by Harmony FSC include:

  • Access to information on child, maternal and family health services
  • Family Success Plans
  • Parent Education;
  • Employment-related Services
  • Life Skills training (budgeting, nutrition, etc.);
  • Housing related services;
  • Advocacy & Related Support
  • Information & Referral/Linkages (connection to off-site public and private resources);
  • Special Assistance (financial support)
  • Community Engagement
  • Family Strengthening Events


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