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Multi Services Center

Multi Services Center

Our Multi Services Center (MSC) takes care of community, family, or individual needs not formally addressed by our other programs. Low and moderate-income Middlesex County residents meet with MSC Representatives in English or Spanish to assess their unique needs and find the best ways to address those needs. The learn about community support services, entitlement programs, access to healthcare, housing education, child support, court motions, etc. Resources are provided in-house or through partnering organizations and other community service providers. Outreach representatives

MSC and Outreach Representatives work with other community agencies and service providers to learn about their services and establish appropriate referral systems for use by our participating individuals and families. Outreach locations include municipal offices, libraries, senior centers, adult day care centers, community & health fairs, and public events. Outreach sessions are available in English and/or Spanish. Outreach Reps also provide sessions for individuals and families who are unable to visit in person.

Some services provided by MSC include:

  • Educational activities or counseling sessions
  • Advocacy and orientation on supportive services and entitlement programs
  • Assistance with healthcare access
  • Employment services
  • Food Pantry assistance on a first come, first serve basis (in partnership with Sharon Baptist Church)
  • Self-help group for women (Our Children Project)
  • Comprehensive inventory of community services
  • Referrals to one of our partners (for eye exams, legal assistance, rental assistance, wage recovery, etc.)


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